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   Chinnorleigh Ragdoll kittens are raised within our family home with 100% love, care and attention. Before they leave our home they would have been vet checked on at least four separate occassions, they would have received a vaccination course (flu & enteritis) at approx 9weeks & 12weeks, they would have received preventative treatment for fleas and worms, they will have the Official GCCF Registration papers, a five generation pedigree, they will be insured with Petplan for 4 weeks, their parents would have been officially DNA health checked, they will be microchipped and also neutered/spayed. They will be handled from birth, loved, cuddled, played with, groomed and most of all cherished. They will be used to other cats, older children and daily household noises.


   There are many breeders that cut corners, usually selling kittens that can not be registered as their parents are not registered and are not meant for breeding purposes. Many of these cats are bought as Pet Only and there are many reasons for this. Pet price is lower than that of a breeding cat. Breeding cats have to follow closely the breeding Standard of Points - this is so that we do not lose or change the look, characteristics and temperament the Ragdoll is so renowned for. You only need to look at other breeds of cats (and dogs for that matter) to see how they have changed over the years. We do not want this to happen to the Ragdoll. Buying a Pet Standard cat to use for breeding will change the Ragdoll look, characteristics and temperament. Many of these breeders buy a pet kitten knowing full well they should not breed from it, going against the original breeders contract of sale. This is one reason why these cats are not registered. They cut corners to simply save money and to make money with little regard to their cats and kittens health, happiness and welfare.

   If a cat is NOT Registered it is simply NOT a pedigree cat. Without registration papers you as a buyer do not have proof of what you are buying no matter what that breeder tells you. Many of these breeders are known to overbreed their girls and often have their boys as an Open Stud. They may raise their kittens outside in poor, ill equipped accommadation or in cages. Many of these breeders usually use inferior foods, do not vaccinate their cats or kittens or if they do vaccinate a kitten it is usually only the one vaccination and not the two course (a second vaccination should follow three weeks after the first with the completion of the course a year later). This is because these breeders are happy to sell these kittens as early as eight weeks of age and at a high cost for what can only be described as a look-a-like, a non pedigree cat, a moggy cat! Kittens have a lot to learn before they leave their mothers and it is recommended by the GCCF, TBRCC and TRCS that a kitten should not go to it's new home before 13 weeks of age! This is almost double the age these breeders sell their kittens. We reputable and well respected breeders of pedigree Ragdoll cats call these breeders 'Back Street Breeders' so please be aware of them. A slightly cheaper initial outlay for your kitten that may look like a pedigree may be tempting but may infact prove very costly in the end!


   Genuine, ethical breeders who may be registered with a breed club and whose cats and kittens are registered with a Governing body like the GCCF will rarely, if ever, make any money. I have had it said to me many times especially when I have had kittens 'Oh you must be making loads of money when you sell them'. When you look at the initial start-up costs, the ongoing costs, the incidental and emergency costs we are more often than not out of pocket with each kitten sale. This is the monetary side to breeding, we also have to take into account the emotional cost too.


Initial Start-Up Costs.

  • Quality Foundation Queen                        - £700+
  • Litter trays                                             - £30 each
  • Food/Water bowls                                   - £10 each
  • Bedding/Vetbed                                       - £50 each
  • Climber/Scratch posts                             - £200+ (dependant on design/size etc)
  • Whelping/Kittening box                           - £150+
  • Kitten Playpen                                         - £150+
  • Heat Pads                                                - £30 each
  • Quality Cat Toys                                     - £100
  • Grooming Kit                                           - £50+
  • Outdoor Run/Stud House                         - £1500+ (dependant on design/size etc)
  • Lighting/Heating for Outdoor Run            - £300+
  • Cat Breeding Books                                  - £100+
  • Data Base/Breeders Assistance Software - £100+


Ongoing Costs.

  • Annual Booster
  • Stud Fee's                                               - £200+
  • Pre-mating Blood tests                              - £45
  • Quality Dried Food per cat                       - £20 approx per month
  • Wet Food inc Raw Diet








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