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Chinnorleigh Gypsy & Bert's Litter

Sire: "Grand Champion" Chesawood Burlington Bertie (66 carrying chocolate and dilute) 
Dam: Chinnorleigh Daisy Chain (66a carrying chocolate)

D.O.B. 28th August, 2011

Chinnorleigh Apollo - "Tom"
Chinnorleigh Adonis - " Charlie"
Chinnorleigh Eros - "Oscar"
Chinnorleigh Aphrodite - "Rosie"
Chinnorleigh Athena - "Athena"
Chinnorleigh Hera - "Evie"


These beautiful babies are the first for the Chinnorleigh Chocolate Programme.
We have three blue colourpointed boys, two blue colourpointed girls and one seal colourpointed girl.
All three girls have been DNA tested to see if they carry the chocolate gene as it was my wish
to keep at least one girl within the chocolate programme. I am so pleased to announce that all three girls do indeed 
carry the chocolate gene with the little seal girl also carrying the dilute gene (as her mother is blue).


Gypsy and Berts babies     Gypsy and Bert 2

     Gypsy and Bert 3

Gypsy and Berts babies.

Gypsy and Berts babies..     Gypsy and Berts babies...

Gypsy and Berts babies....     Gypsy and Berts babies......

Gypsy and Berts babies.....     Gypsy and Bert baby


Blue colourpointed girl     Blue colourpointed girl.

Seal colourpointed girl

Blue colourpoint boy     Blue colourpointed boy

Blue colourpoint boy.

Christmas Raggie     Christmas Raggie

Christmas Raggie

Christmas Raggie         Christmas Raggie

Christmas Raggie



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